Lately, some of my retailers, especially those who have just been registered and were trying to log on to the webtool for the first time encountered getting this error message: "Invalid SL Password". When logging in the webtool ( for the first time, please use the default password. The default webtool password is 123456. After you have successfully logged on, please change your webtool password immediately. Please remember that your FL password (password for SMS) must be different from your SL password (webtool password) so that your webtool account will not be blocked.

It is also advised to regularly change your account password and check for keyloggers installed on your PCs by using Anti-spyware utilities to avoid any unauthorized access of your accounts.

LoadCentral & e-LoadBiz do NOT ask for your passwords. Please don't give your passwords to anybody else, not even to me, ok? :P