To all my retailers:

Got these updates from MOL LoadCentral Facebook page:

LoadCentral Partners! Thank you for bearing with us. 09229990214 is our new main SMS ACCESS #. Deretso eto sa SUN’s SMS Center. Sales and wallet transfer transactions should be faster wt this new SMS gateway. Gumamit ng UNLI text to all network o iba pang promos ng inyong telco para masulit ang SMS transactions per day.

The vanity number 2948 will not be available anymore. From now on, please use the new SMS Access #09229990214 or the back up access numbers. Starting December 15, 2011, all back-up access # will be disabled.  Please also take note that loading through these access # is not free. That's why LoadCentral is recommending retailers to enrol to the Unli offering of their telcos or use the webtool.

Good day, LoadCentral partner/s. Since we are all on Facebook (except when “on mobile”), you easily log-in to our webtool in accessing your account/s. Take note that webtool transactions are way more CONVENIENT and FASTER. Why?

☑ FREE transactions
☑ DROP-DOWN MENU to choose the products, no more product codes
☑ SPLIT-SECOND transactions, by-pass the access numbers
☑ GENERATE reports
☑ SEE CURRENT BALANCE immediately, no need to do balance inquiry

To log-in to your webtool account, just go to

For WEBTOOL assistance, please feel free to "comment/post" us your concerns HERE, through our Facebook Fanpage:

[photo credits: MOL LoadCentral Facebook page]