Updates For Carl Balita: e-PINs temporarily unavailable

I have sold 3 Carl Balita Modular 100 and 1 Carl Balita 500 Mock Board just the other day. I was happy that I have made my first sale for this e-PIN but the client complained after a while co'z she said she could not access the Carl Balita modules even the mock board using the e-PINs that I have sold to her.

My client contacted Carl Balita support and they said that the e-PINs in Loadcentral are not applicable anymore co'z they have a new system. I asked Loadcentral support about it and they said that Carl Balita did not gave an advisory regarding the changes in their system so it was still in the platform in the time of my sale. After contacting Carl Balita support reps, Loadcentral said that they are pulling out Carl Balita e-PINs. So temporarily, Carl Balita e-PINs (Product codes: CB100, CB500 and CB2000) are not available. Good thing my Carl Balita e-PIN sale was reversed. (Please contact Loadcentral support for the official advisory about it)

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