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Teletalk e-PINs now Available

TELETALK is a Computer Based English Proficiency Training Program (CBEPT) designed to be completely taken over the Internet. Be it in the comfort of your home or in an internet café, one simply needs a computer with internet connection and a headset and they are ready to learn the proper way of speaking and understanding English.
Instead of having to go to a facility and attend training in a classroom based scenario, TELETALK is the better option for so many reasons:

1. Self-paced – a student does not go with the flow of other classmates. If one has difficulty in a particular topic, he/she can stay in that topic for as long as he/she wants to. In the same light, if a topic is deemed as considerably easy for a student, he/she can breeze through that topic and move on.

2. Cost-effective – having to go to a training facility on a daily basis is costly. One has to figure in costs of transportation, food and clothing. With TELETALK, the only cost is the purchase of the PIN code and your internet connection. When you sum it all up, one will spend less in taking a course online.

3. More exercises –. Having a massive test bank, TELETALK offers a student a vast array of different exercises to practice on. Unlike the classroom based scenario where a trainer will only have so much time to give exercises.

TELETALK was created by seasoned trainers of the BPO industry. The very same techniques used to train thousands of people for BPO readiness was employed in developing the curriculum. The developers took the best functionalities from several curricula out in the market. The result is an enhanced English Training Program that deals with ONLY the necessary skills for possible employment.
The BPO industry generally looks for skills in COMPREHENSION, THOUGHT ORGANIZATION, GRAMMAR and PRONUNCIATION. These are the skills that TELETALK focuses on. Hence a TELETALK student will speak and understand English in the practical way. TELETALK aims to better the use of English, not to train English teachers.
Furthermore, the above stated skills are what will make a student a good speaker – regardless of the industry that he/she wants to enter. So whether you need to polish your skills for a possible employment as a nurse, engineer, programmer, etc… TELETALK will help you.

Another feature of TELETALK is that a student is included in an employee database. That database is being mined by potential employers in the BPO and other industries. This is an advantage as far as the BPO industry is concerned, as a BPO company can see your grades in the database – allowing them to match the exact skills you have for their different job openings.
In short, when one takes the TELETALK course, one not only learns but also applies for a job.

Teletalk is available in the following product codes and denominations:
TELETALK100  Php100 – 7 hours
TELETALK300  Php300 – 25 hours
TELETALK500  Php500 – 40 hours
TELETALK900  Php900 – 100 hours


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