Free Loadcentral Poster Design For Retailers of e-LoadBiz

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Good news to all existing and new Loadcentral retailers of e-LoadBiz!  A free Loadcentral Poster Design for Tarpaulin is now available!  Just request it for free from subdealer hannah88 so that we could email you the file and have it printed in your place.  The size of the tarpaulin is 1.5 ft x 2.5ft. (Tarpaulin printing may cost you around P10-P40/sq. ft)

If you want to have a customized design bearing the business name of your store/internet shop for Loadcentral tarpaulin and have it printed in your place, you can send a request by sending the following info via SMS or Email:
1. Retailer ID
2. Business Name of Store / Internet Shop
3. email address (where to send the file)

If you want this tarpaulin be printed by us and be delivered to you, just pay P250.00 (for tarpaulin  printing & freight).

Customized posters are exclusively available only for retailers who registered here at e-LoadBiz.

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