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To my valued retailers and clients:

I have made a manual check on the product list as of January 11, 2011 with the actual list on the webtool platform (as of this posting) and I found out that the following products are no longer available in the platform although they are still included in the updated list:
Sun Xpressload (200)

Gaming Cards
Granado Espada (560)
Legend of Mir 2 (20)

Internet Cards
SurfMaxx (50, 100)
Evolve (100)
Click! Internet (100)

SkyCable Prepaid (90,380, 636, 680)
Pinoy Big Brother VoteCard- ABS-CBN (75)
Global Pinoy (VoIP) (50, 100, 150)
e-Games (PAGCOR) (30, 100, 500)

There are also online games that are no longer in service but their e-pins are still on the webtool platform and on the updated product list:
Acclaim - please see their announcement here
Bangu Bangu Mania - please see their Facebook page here

There are also new denominations that are already in the webtool platform but are not included in the updated product list:
Digijooze (50)
Globe Wiz (100)
PristonTale (50, 100)
Smartlink (100)

FYI. Thanks

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