[New Products] Gamemore (GameHorde), OPM2GO and ClickVoIP

Game Horde OPM2GO ClickVoIP
New Products: GameHorde, OPM2GO and ClickVoIP
[Photo Credits: MOL LoadCentral Official Facebook page]

Here's an update from LoadCentral about the 3 new products now available on the platform:

1. Gamemore (GameHorde) - The GameHorde was founded in Oct 2010, Hongkong, with the aim of bringing more competitive online gaming to players worldwide. Games published were Divine Online, Kung-Fu Champion and Legend of Fairytale.

Denominations: 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
Product Codes: GHORDE200 / GHORDE400 / GHORDE800 / GHORDE1600 / GHORDE3200

Visit their website: www.ghorde.com/

2. OPM2GO - OPM2Go.com is an online music store dedicated to serving Filipino artists, musicians and music lovers. OPM2Go’s goal is to become the online repository for all Filipino music.

Denominations: 50 / 100 / 300
Product Codes: OPM2GO50 / OPM2GO100 / OPM2GO300

Visit their website: www.opm2go.com

3. ClickVoIP - CLICK VoIP allows mobile phones and IP devices to access Wi-Fi networks to make low-cost VoIP phone calls anytime, anywhere in the world. Now you can call any phone for as low as US $0.03 per minute (approximately P1.30, Philippine currency)
Denomination: 100
Product Code: CLICKVOIP100
Visit their website: www.clickvoip.net

Please download the July 25, 2012 updated product discount structure to view the product codes and the discounts.

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