New Product: Garena 200 (20 GG Shells)

There is a new product in the platform:
Garena 200 - GG200

Garena (formerly known as GG Client) is an advanced network solution
that provides gamers with unparalleled good latency in games. Players
will have the opportunity to play popular LAN Games Warcraft: DOTA,
Counterstrike, Starcraft, Call of Duty 4, etc. ONLINE for FREE using
this simple yet powerful Garena service. Play with gamers from all
over the world, enjoy exciting Shop vs. Shop action, and participate
in Garena’s regular online Ladder Tournaments to determine the best
players from their respective games.

  • Games supported in Garena: “Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne”,
    “Call of Duty4: Modern Warfare”, “Counter-Strike 1.6″,
    “Counter-Strike: Source” , “StarCraft” , “Dawn of War”, “Quake 4″,
    “Age of Empires 1&2″, “Red Alert 3″
  • To download Garena and for more info, simply register at
    their official website —

Garena 200 is good for 2 months Individual Gold Membership:

Be a Gold Member and experience more privileges in Garena

  • “Gain 2x EXP in Garena” and level up faster
  • “Instant Access to Garena rooms” even when full
  • “View Exact Value for Pings” in rooms and games
  • Get “Increased Buddy List Capacity” and add more friends
  • Standout from the rest with a “Colored Name and Highlighted
    Chat messages”
  • Enjoy “Special Discounts on Avatars” sold in GG Avatar Shop

Visit and top up the e-PIN by clicking on the Garena Prepaid Card User Function.


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