[Video Tutorial] How to Change Loadcentral Passwords

There are two passwords being used by a Loadcentral Retailer:
1. FL (First Level) Password or (SMS Password) – use this password when sending commands thru your registered mobile number.

To change, type
CHANGEPW<space>123456<space><6-digit PIN>
send to LoadCentral access #.

LoadCentral Access Number:

e-loadbiz,loadcentral, how to change Loadcentral SMS Password

2. SL (Second Level) Password (Webtool Password) - use this password to log-in and selling load products in the webtool.

Watch the tutorial below on how to change webtool password:

how to change loadcentral passwords

1. Open your web browser and go to the LoadCentral Webtool website, https://www.loadcentral.net

LoadCentral Webtool Log-in, e-LoadBiz

2. Log in to your retailer account by keying in your username and password. The username is usaully your activated mobile number (prefix 63 + 10 digit number). The initial password is 123456. Click on the Log in button. (See sample below)

LoadCentral Webtool Log-in, e-LoadBiz

3. Once signed in, click on the “Change Password” link.
LoadCentral Change Webtool Password, e-LoadBiz

4. To change the password, populate all the fields. Key in the ff:
i. your username,
ii. your FL or SMS password (default: 123456)
iii. your current SL or Webtool password (default: 123456)
iv. your new 6-digit SL or Webtool password.
v. again, your new 6-digit SL or Webtool password for verification.

Once all fields are populated, click on the “Change Password” button. A verification
message will appear, e.g. : “Webtool password successfully changed” near the top of the

e-loadbiz,loadcentral, How to change Loadcentral Webtool Password

5. Click on the Log out” link and then log in again using your new SL or Webtool password. If you already have credits in your load wallet, then you may start selling prepaid products to customers.

NOTE: If you will use both SMS and webtool for loading, it is better that you change your FL Password (SMS Password) and SL Password (Webtool Password) thru the webtool. Your FL password and SL password MUST NOT BE THE SAME so that your webtool account will not be LOCKED.

Loadcentral and dealer hannah88 DO NOT ask for your passwords.

[Post updated on 1/18/2020]


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  1. pano po pag nalimutan ung password?? please email me at zedrikarcilla@gmail.com

    1. please read how to reset password here: http://www.e-loadbiz.com/2013/12/how-to-reset-sms-and-webtool-password.html

  2. Paano po malalaman na successful ung Unlock sa webtool? Nagtxt ako sa loadcentral access # pero wala nman reply..


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