Triplejack Poker Now Available

We have a new online game product in the platform – ( Triplejack Poker. This is not a GAMBLING WEBSITE. Players win cash and prizes in the most interactive free poker game ever created. Throw pies, eggs and bombs at your opponents, earn medals and badges, create your own games and clan or play in the many existing games and Tournaments! Become a Triplejack Power Player and get access to even more fun including numerous “Power” features, more avatars and more prizes.

Product Code
Equivalent to
Triplejack 100
2,740 Jacks
Triplejack 300
8,220 Jacks
Triplejack 500
13,700 Jacks
Triplejack 1500
41,095 Jacks
Triplejack 2750
75,340 Jacks

A Triplejack player can choose to spend the Jacks on bombs, charms and other features OR convert 8,150 Jacks to 1 Month of Power Player Subscription. They can also share their Jacks with friends by giving as many as they want to another player. The details can be found here:


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  1. how do i buy Jacks via SMS? where do i send it to? im using Globe.


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