MiniFighter Online Game e-PINs now Available

We have a new online product in the platform – Netmarble Cash for
Mini-Fighter Online Game. This game is published by CJ Internet
Corporation of Korea.
Netmarble Cash (for Mini-Fighter) - CJI
Denominations: 100 / 300 / 500 / 1000
Product Codes: NC100 / NC300 / NC500 / NC1000

How to top up e-PINs at Netmarble site
1. Visit global Netmarble at
2. Click on Shop > Fill NC in Global Netmarble & sign in
3. Select LoadCentral as payment method & enter your 12-digits SERIAL and and 16-digits PIN
4. Check your Netmarble Cash in Shop > My NC History

" Mini fighter is massive action casual game"
Mini Fighter is a side-scrolling, MMO fighting game that combines easy-to-learn controls with RPG elements and a wide variety of game modes to choose from. Looking for a challenge? Try out the Quest and Boss modes to gain some valuable experience. Looking for something lowkey? Pit your brain against your opponents' in the Quiz Village. Want to bring the fight to your fellow players? Join a pitched Village battle of up to 210 players or hop on for the daily round of Siege Warfare. There's something for everyone in Mini Fighter! Players interested in joining Mini
Fighter can Sign up on the official website,

Key features
1. Real Online Action Fighter
2. Fierce Fight + Arcade + Mini games = More than simple fight game
3. Up to 210 players compete fighting skills at the village with functionality of RPG
4. Simple & Easy game interface ('Fist = z', 'Kick = x', 'Defend = c', 'Special Attack = v' )
5. Various Game Modes and Maps
6. Combining casual action game features and RPG features

Game Modes
Single/Team Grapple Mode : Basic Grapple Plays
Survival Mode : Fight for the final winner
Tag Match mode : Tag style grapple by Single/Team play mode
Village Grapple Mode : Maximum 210 players
Massive Mode : Up to 20 players at a time
No Limit Mode : Regardless of challenger limit against 1 or team
Boss Mode : Fight to 3 different boss
Guild Fight Mode : Guild fights and Ranking points
Siege Warfare : At 6pm everyday, conquer and defense castles
Quest Mode : Success given Quests
Quiz Village : Solving Quiz with other players
Tournament : Maximum 16 players to compete for Champion

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