PlayOMG (PetForest) Game e-PINs now Available

PlayOMG PetForest

We have a new online game product from a Taiwan-based company, OhMyGod
Digitel Entertainment Company – PlayOMG e-PINs. This is being used for
Pet Forest which is currently popular with Filipino gamers.
PlayOMG Game (OhMyGod Digital Entertainment Company)
Denominations and Product Codes:
250 - OMG250
500 - OMG500
750 - OMG750
1,000 - OMG1000
1,250 - OMG1250
2,500 - OMG2500
5,000 - OMG5000
7,500 - OMG7500
10,000 - OMG10000
15,000 - OMG15000
About PlayOMG
PlayOMG is the subsidiary of MacroWell OMG Group that is well known as the industry-leading publisher of online games and provides unprecedented service to its valued players. PlayOMG is devoted to bringing users all over the world together to play the best games available. PlayOMG’s mission is to engage players to interact in a prosperous and sustainable community that shares experiences and ideas for all to enjoy.
PlayOMG just released a new browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). Being launched at the Facebook social network, Pet Forest has recently gained a numerous players coming from all over the world. The game can operate on any kind of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox..etc. It not only has various pets for players to collect from, but also features a variety of
quests and events. In addition to Pet Forest, PlayOMG’s games are primarily focused on traditional MMORPG such as N.E.O Online, a fantasy epic developed by SONOV. More information is available at the company’s website,


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  1. how can i top up a load? what is the steps to have a load at load central... i need to buy pet forest online game e-pins... plaese send me an email at my yahoo...


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