PLDT Load, Call Center Aptitude Test and Pinoy Big Brother Teen 24/7

PLDT Load for Telepwede and Landline Plus are now available:
Denominations - Product Code
30 - PLP30
50 - PLP50
60 - PLP60
100 - PLP100
115 - PLP115
175 - PLP175
200 - PLP200
300 - PLP300
500 - PLP500
1000 - PLP1000
The Agent Pool ( is the first of its kind with
the Call Center Aptitude Test allowing call centers to search for you
based on their specific needs. No more blindly searching for the right
call center, the right account, the right fit.
Call Center Aptitude Test (The Agent Pool)
Denomination: 250
Product Code: CCAT250
PBB Teen edition 3, Clash of 2010 has been launched recently. Get pure
explosive fun and excitement, get your 24/7 Livestreaming passes now!
All LS passes also come with FREE vote pins to save your favorite
housemate from eviction!
Pinoy Big Brother Teen 24/7 Livestream (Apr 2010)
Denominations - Product Codes
50 - PBBTEEN50
100 - PBBTEEN100
250 - PBBTEEN250

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