Loadcentral Benefits and Advantages

A LoadCentral Retailer is a one-stop reloading station that can sell popular prepaid card products (e-load & Aload, prepaid call cards, prepaid internet cards, online gaming cards, etc.) without having any sort of physical cards in your possession. Retailers can sell prepaid airtime credits via mobile phone or PCs with internet connection.

Why Choose LoadCentral?

Earn extra income for those who are working full-time/part-time, students, housewives and ideal for internet cafes and sari-sari stores for additional income. You can Earn too by simply selling over 70 popular prepaid products and other products via SMS or via Internet. You can start your own e-loading business with a very minimal start-up capital. 

You can load yourself and family or loved ones with a Discount and Save, anytime and anywhere!  You can tell to your family or loved ones near you so that they too can have their load without going outside of your house.

  • Free Activation or No Joining FEE
  • Can Register any active prepaid or post paid mobile phone or simply your Existing Sim
  • Competitive Rates
  • Minimum Capital Requirements (As low as Php100 initial loadwallet only)
  • No Monthly Quota
  • No Card Inventory
  • No out of Stock or Over Stock of Products
  • Real-Time web-based Tracking of Inventory and Sales Data
  • Friendly and Simple SMS Command
  • Two (2) ways of selling e-loads and e-Pins: via SMS or Internet connection using LC webtool
  • Load Central has more than 70 products with 365 denominations (and still counting!):
o    eloads (Smart Eload / Sun Express Load /Globe Autoload Max)
o    all cell cards (Smart / Globe / Touch Mobile / Talk ‘n Text)
o    all online gaming cards (MOL, E-games, Ultimate Game Card, Game Club and a lot more) 
o    internet cards, landline cards (PLDT / Globe / Digitel / BayanTel)
o    satellite cards (Dream and Smartlink)
o    e-Learning cards (iSecure (Online Bar Review))
o    Insurance (Pioneer Insurance)
  • All those available products and not a thing to worry about inventory.  No risk of losing any card
  • No worries on card expiration
  • Capital not tied up to any specific prepaid product
  • Safe due to locking feature in case the mobile unit is being used is lost or stolen.  Existing balance can be transferred to a new register account
  • Web tool can be locked via SMS when transactions are done for the day
  • System-generated sales transaction report.  No need to manually list down all sales if selling is done using the web tool.  For those using SMS owners can check list done by their staff accessing it thru the net anywhere.
  • Security – In case of loss of phone or sim, your money is still safe in the Loadcentral system.
  • Savings – You can save 2%-25% of cellphone load and various products
  • Earn – You can access Smart, Globe, Sun, Red Mobile, Internet cards, Online Games, Bayantel Cards and many more.
  • Internet Based – You can load thru the loadcentral webtool
  • Comfortability – You can Load Yourself or Anyone, Anytime anywhere. You can load and sell to all networks.
  • Web based reports – you can monitor your sales in the webtool

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