MAT Online (Mission Against Terror Online) e-Pins Now Available

MAT Online (Mission Against Terror Online) e-Pins from Gamepad  are now available in the LoadCentral platform.

Denominations available: 50 / 100 / 500 / 1000
Product Codes: MAT50 / MAT100 / MAT500 / MAT1000

About Mission Against Terror (MAT)
Mission Against Terror (MAT) is the newest first person shooter in town. With a range of other MMOFPS games to choose from, how does Mission Against Terror (MAT) compete?

By offering more than the usual and MAT's usual is better than most. Developed by Kingsoft China and distributed by Gamepad Interactive Inc., Mission Against Terror or MAT offers online game Real Gun-Pking tournament fun that die-hard FPS gamers love. The list of what can be expected include sophisticated modern weaponry, strategically designed maps, personalized armor, and some creatively contstructed equipment and accessories.

To know more about MAT Online, please click here.

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