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Cignal Load Now Available Again

Cignal Load is now available again on LoadCentral's platform.

cignal load available at LoadCentral

Product Codes:
CIGNAL Load Plan 250: START250
CIGNAL Load Plan 390: BASIC390
CIGNAL Load Plan 430: SD430
CIGNAL Load Plan 590: HD590

Just log-in to your webtool account: https://loadcentral.net/index.jsp, it is in the "ELOAD PRODUCTS" section.


*Put Cignal Account No. (not Smart Card Serial No.) to buyer's number field.
*Give subsciber the transaction's trace number as SMART/CIGNAL does not send out any confirmation message for cignal purchases.

CIGNAL load is auto-credited to account. Make sure to turn-on the digital box before reloading to avoid technical problems. Subscriber texts Text CIGNAL SC <12-digit smart card no.> to 5353 to receive Cignal Account No.

EX: CIGNAL SC <12-digit smart card no.> send to 5353

[Info Source: LoadCentral's Official FB Page (www.facebook.com/MOL.LC)]

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