How to Reset SMS and Webtool Password

A LoadCentral retailer has 2 passwords, FL (first level) password also known as SMS password and SL (second level) password, also known as Webtool password.

how to reset loadcentral passwords

In case you have forgotten your both passwords, you can opt to reset it. To reset your SMS and Webtool password, please follow the steps below:

1. Send reset request thru SMS using the registered mobile number, type:
RESET<space>FL and SL PASSWORD and send to 09285067310

2. After receiving the reset confirmation, send an unlock request thru SMS using the registered mobile number, type: RETOFF<space>123456 and send to any of our access numbers – 09229990214 (main), 09209456856, 09209456857, 09178662418, 09228504340.

3. After receiving the confirmation, re-log in the account using the default password and change immediately to prevent from automatic account locking after 12:00 midnight.

4. Also change your FL/SMS password as well after doing the steps above.

LoadCentral Webtool has a security feature that automatically locks the account if your FL/SMS password is the same with SL/Webtool Password. It is recommended that your 2 passwords should be different.

Please take care of your account information, especially your log-in details.  Don't let others know your passwords, not even to us.

Please Log-in ONLY to the official LoadCentral webtool site:

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