[Video] Why Choose LoadCentral?

Why Choose LoadCentral

What are the features and benefits of using LoadCentral?

a. Can register any active pre-paid or post-paid mobile phone from any of the carriers (Smart, Globe and Sun) or any retailer SIM from Smart, Globe and Sun.

b. FREE registration.

c. Means or applications of selling e-Loads and e-PINs: via PC with internet connection using the LoadCentral webtool, Android phone using LoadCentral Retailer App, or SMS based transaction using any mobile phone.

d. No worries on card expiration.

e. Capital not tied up to any specific prepaid product.

f. Safe due to locking feature in cases the mobile unit being used is lost or stolen. Existing balance can be transferred to a new registered account.

g. Load wallet has no expiration date.

h. Select products are exclusively available in the Philippines with LoadCentral.

i. Webtool can be locked via SMS when transactions are done for the day.

j. System-generated sales transaction report. No need to manually list down all sales if selling is done using the web tool. For those using SMS, owners can check list done by their staff by accessing it thru the internet anywhere.

What are the products that I can sell using LoadCentral?

LoadCentral offers over 70 products with more than 500 denominations. This includes the following:

a. e-Loads (Smart e-Load, Globe AutoloadMax, Sun Xpressload)

b. call cards ( SMART, GLOBE & SUN)

c. online game loads (MOLPoints, Steam, Blizzard, LevelUp!, etc.)

d. satellite tv load (Dream, Cignal, Sky)

e. other products (iFlix, ESET, etc.)

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Source: LoadCentral FAQs

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