2011 Holy Week Loadwallet Reloading Schedule

To all my retailers and clients,

Please be informed of the Loadwallet reloading schedule this holy week. We encourage you to load up your wallet earlier to ensure continuous reloading and sales even during the holidays and to avoid inconveniences.

Advisory from Loadcentral Direct Loading (to those who purchase loadwallet directly from Loadcentral Office)
April 20 - (Wednesday), last day of wallet reloading for the lenten holiday,cut off time is strictly until 4:30 PM only. Regular operations will resume on April 25 ( Monday). Happy Easter!!

Advisory from e-LoadBiz (to those who are purchasing loadwallet from Subdealer hannah88)
Please be informed that I will not be available to attend any loadwallet purchase verification and reloading, and process new activation on April 20 (Wednesday, 12:00nn) until April 27, 2011 because I will be on out-of-town trip. All regular services by e-LoadBiz will resume on April 28 (Thursday).

If you run out of loadwallet on April 25-27, you can directly purchase loadwallet from LoadCentral. Please see my post Buy Load credits Directly from LoadCentral and just follow the instructions given there on how to purchase directly from LoadCentral. The minimum purchase is P1000.

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you. ^_^

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