[FAQ] What to do if the buyer didn’t receive the e-load / e-Pin?

What if the buyer didn’t receive the e-load? Or e-PIN? Here's what the retailer should do:
  1. Contact Customer Support and provide the following:
    1. Trace Number and date of transaction if there is a confirmation of the sale.
  2. For eload transaction that are not successful, reversals of amount deducted from the retailer will be made within 24 hours.
  3. For e-PINs that are not received by the buyers, the retailer should use the Resend feature of LoadCentral:
    1. For web tool users, just type the buyer's mobile # on the 'Resend Buyer's PIN' box and click the bar.
    2. For SMS users, just type: Resend<space>retailer's First Level (FL) or SMS password <space>buyer's mobile #. Send to any LoadCentral Access Number.
Note: The Resend feature will only send the LAST e-PIN product purchased by the buyer. It will also not work with e-load transactions.

Have encountered other problems?  Find possible solutions at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.

[Source: MOL-LoadCentral FB Page]


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  1. mareretrieve ko pb yung load q kinuha n kc ni buyer 1h nia kc wala xa marcv n code eh naglalaro n xa i rcv.th confirmation code for 100 d coins sf


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